Update – A New Way To Get Mailbird Pro Free, For Life!

Posted by Jason Ephraim on December 6, 2016

Want to give Mailbird Pro a try without spending a penny? We just released a new feature that allows you to do just that!

8 Ways To Improve Your Concentration at Work

Posted by Jason Ephraim on June 25, 2016

6 Reasons Why People Hate Receiving Your Emails

Posted by Jason Ephraim on June 1, 2016

Do people really enjoy getting email from you? Check out the top 6 mistakes that lead to people dreading emails from people.   6 Reasons Why people Hate Receiving Your Emails from Jason Ephraim Do any sound familiar? Don’t worry! We’ve included some tips to help you fix them. Summary: People hate it when they ask you something, only to have them waiting for an answer that may never come. Example: Them: “Do you have the report ready for Friday?” You: “I’ve been out of the office today. Super busy!” The Fix: Even if it’s a quick “okay” answer people directly, or let them know when to expect an answer.  You sandwich what you actually need from recipients to the point it’s confusing or easily missed. Example: You: “I’ve been really busy gathering the data for the annual report. It’s tough to find the data for index 23. Can you find it? I’ll be working on the rest of the report…..” The Fix: Repeat your request or expand on it in a separate (preferably, close to the beginning or end) part of the message You constantly use email when it would be faster or more clear to use chat, a phone call, or in person. Example: Any email chain that starts growing beyond a few back and forth, or involves more than a couple people The Fix: Don’t be afraid to ask to move the conversation to a better medium. Ask to schedule a meeting, call, or even a lunch. Your…

To celebrate our Slack app integration we are having a Sale!

Posted by Jason Ephraim on May 27, 2016

We’re so excited about our new Slack app integration that we had to have a sale From now until 5/31/2016, you can take 50% off any version of Mailbird pro. Grab your copy of Mailbird Pro for 50% off now before it’s too late  Go Pro Today. You’ll be Happy You Did 🙂

Our New Slack App Integration

Posted by Jason Ephraim on May 18, 2016

2.3 Million, that's how many people use slack every day. That's why we are super excited to announce the release of our Slack integration for all Mailbird users.

Game of Thrones Inspired House Sigil Themes

Posted by Jason Ephraim on April 22, 2016

Love Game of Thrones? Well, then we’ve got good news for you! We just released 9 GoT inspired sidebar themes to celebrate season 6. Starting today, you can show off your allegiance to your favorite house – with your email client. Donning your favorite house’s sigil is easy Just click the menu icon in the Mailbird email client, click options, and then select the appearance tab. You will see all 9 sidebar themes. If you don’t yet see the new themes, you may need to update your copy of Mailbird. We’ve released these themes for all versions of Mailbird. So, if you are a Game of Thrones fan, there has never been a better time to try Mailbird on your Windows computer. Season 6 premieres this Sunday and we can’t wait! What’s the #1 thing you want to see this season on GoT?

The Best Email Client For Office 365 Is On Sale For Students

Posted by Jason Ephraim on April 12, 2016

Students, looking for the best way to manage your Office 365 or Outlook email? Mailbird is happy to announce it has teamed up with by Kivuto to offer students the best way to manage multiple email accounts – including Office 365, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, And more… At the special price of just $18 (that’s 60% off!). The best email client for Windows Connect all your favorite email, calendar, task, and messaging apps into one. Multi-account (Supports IMAP & POP3) Complete touch support Integrated messaging apps Integrated task management apps Unified Email Inbox Supports 17 languages Integrated calendar apps Customization (Colors & layout) And apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Asana, Dropbox, Todoist, Google calendar,, and many more… Your Inbox. Your Tasks. Together. With Mailbird you can now link your emails and their tasks directly. for instance, lets you simply drag your emails into your daily task list. By helping you organize your tasks and messages easily and conveniently, & Mailbird ensures you get to inbox zero in no time! When you are ready to work on a task, just select it, and Mailbird opens any related emails for you. Don’t like No problem you can choose between popular options such as Wanderlust, Todoist and Evernote. Whatsapp & Email. Side by side. With your WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter stream running in Mailbird, you can easily communicate with people via email and instant messaging at the same time. Drag and drop attachments from your emails into Whatsapp to easily share…

Custom Notification Sounds Released

Posted by Jason Ephraim on April 7, 2016

Introducing Customizable Notification Sounds for Mailbird We are 3 weeks into our month-long hackathon and we’ve already put some heavy work into features like our upcoming contact sync. As a side project, a couple of our developers wanted to offer a quick improvement they felt many of our users would enjoy as we continue working on our large/major features coming down the line. Mailbird is all about customization. Layout, color, font… And now, you can even customize how it sounds! Starting today, all Mailbird users will find the ability to choose a new notification sound in the Mailbird options menu under the “General” tab. In the menu, you will find a few options to choose from including the default “Chirp” notification sound. Upload your own sound At the bottom of the dropdown, you’ll see “Custom…”. Selecting this will allow you to upload any .mp3 or .wav file that is less than 1 MB in size. Where can you get the sounds? Anywhere. Cut them from your favorite songs, record your daughter’s first words. The possibilities are endless. If you need some help finding a few good sounds, we’ve collected some great sites that allow you to download a bunch of good options. Don’t see the custom notification sounds option? You may need to update to the latest version of Mailbird. Visit the options menu, click on about, and select check for updates. If you are still having trouble finding the options, our support team is always here to…

Mailbird is celebrating 4 years with a 50% off sale

Posted by Jason Ephraim on April 5, 2016

We just turned 4! To celebrate, we are giving everyone a chance to grab a copy of Mailbird Pro at 50% off.   For now, until August 29th, anyone can get a copy of Mailbird Pro for half its usual cost. You can either choose 50% off the first year of Mailbird Pro or a lifetime license.   Thank you to our amazing users for helping us build Mailbird into what it is today. We’ve had a blast these past 4 years, and we are only just getting started. Why Mailbird is the Best Email Client for Windows 10 One Million – That’s the number of accounts currently managed on the Mailbird email client, and still growing. Every day, more users are discovering our email client after getting tired of their existing email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook, and so on. What makes Mailbird a better email client for Windows 10 users? Unlike other clients, Mailbird is designed to be easy to set up, use and customize. You can be up and running with your existing email accounts in just minutes. Better yet, you will enjoy using them even more because Mailbird allows you to change everything about it to match your needs and style. Unlimited Colors One-click is all it takes to change the entire Mailbird email client color scheme. Custom Layouts Small screen? 3 column? Preview? No matter how you prefer to check and manage your email, Mailbird can suit your needs. Unified Inbox One inbox, multiple accounts. Mailbird…

Why we decided to give April Fools’ Day a pass

Posted by Jason Ephraim on April 2, 2016

It seems like every year, the internet gets a little bit more tired of April Fools’ Day. It’s not that the ideas are any less funny, absurd, or creative. Quite the contrary – I find it amazing that so many major brands are still able to come up with such outlandish and surprising ideas that, in many cases, are just crazy enough to be plausible.     But, the problem is, you can’t take an event like April Fools’ and commercialize it much before it loses it’s meaning. It’s just not as fun when you know what to expect, when to expect it, and are bombarded by it from every source on the web. It’s hard to laugh when fifty people are telling you a joke at the same time, shouting over each other to be heard – even if they are all funny.   So, rather than enter the shouting match, ourselves… We decided to take a break from April Fools’ this year, and focus on continuing to work on improving our email client even more. Maybe all April Fools’ Day needs is a break, itself? Maybe more brands and media outlets would do it a favor by opting out, at least until it has a chance to become unexpected that they would participate? I’m not sure. But, I do feel like we made the right choice this year in avoiding it and I hope our users and fans will agree with me. Have a wonderful Friday, and enjoy your weekend! Best, Jason Ephraim   P.S. before…