Mailbird integrated Whereby

Posted by Christin on May 20, 2015

We are very proud to share our newest integration with you Whereby, formerly known as Whereby allows you to create so-called rooms and start talking to up to 8 participants without having to create an account or having to install the software. Due to the great efforts of our all-star developer team, you can even use Whereby in your Mailbird sidebar and talk to your friends, family, clients and/or colleagues without having to leave your inbox. Getting Started Simply activate the Whereby App in your Mailbird AppStore. The logo will then appear in the left-hand menu panel and in your Mailbird sidebar (accessible from your Inbox).     You are now able to access the web version of the App from the left panel menu and create your first room straight away. No Login. No Installs. Once you have created a “room” you can invite participants by sending them the link displayed in the left corner. The participants will then join using video or audio only. Whereby is also available in your Mailbird sidebar. Simply expand the sidebar and talk to the people you need to talk to without leaving your Inbox. So simple and awesome Activate the App now and sort through your Emails while talking to your friends and/or family.  

Mailbird loves Twitter

Posted by Christin on May 12, 2015

Since we launched Mailbird 2.0, we continue integrating awesome Apps to create the best all-in-one communitcation hub for you. Email, Messaging, Task Management, Calendar and Video Meeting – right from your Inbox. One of our newly added integrations is Twitter, enabling you to tweet and keep your followers updated without leaving your inbox. Start Tweeting You can activate the Twitter App with just one simple click in your Mailbird AppStore. The Twitter bird will then appear in the left hand menu panel allowing you to access the web version of the App. Twitter is one of the Apps that you can also access from your Mailbird sidebar. Once you logged in to your Twitter account, you can start connecting and tweeting.  The Twitter drop down menu makes it incredible easy to browse and navigate between the Twitter pages to stay on top of your friends and followers updates. You can also simply compose a new Tweet and share your news with your friends and followers.   Activate Twitter today and experience the great advantages of messaging and emailing side by side, right from your favourite Email Client.

Mailbird Seeking Angel Investors

Posted by Christin on May 6, 2015

We are ready for some serious rapid growth. Mailbird is going into the next round of investment and our entire team would love your support so we can invest more resources into growth and software development. Mailbird is looking to raise a seed round of $500,000 USD. Mailbird already sees +27% Monthly Active User growth. That is month over month, and we are ready to take that even further. Best of all, the first $150,000 USD has already been committed. The capital will be invested into growth for Mailbird as we are taking the business to the next stage. We have a solid complementary founding team and a great product. Any risk related to technology, product/market fit, customers, business model and recruiting have now been mitigated from the founding to pre-seed stages.   How to help? We want to find the perfect investors for Mailbird who are just as passionate about what we are doing for online communication and work collaboration. So, here are ways you can help us reach out to more investors for Mailbird: A. Share the news on your social channels We would like to share our proof of concept with potential investors. Proof of Mailbird’s massive support by an awesome and extremely loyal community of users since the very beginning. “Investors: as situation of Windows universality strengthens it would be a good idea to check in on @getmailbird and founder Andrea Loubier.” – D. Crets Like Mr. Crets, it would be awesome if you could help us spread the…

Mailbird loves Todoist

Posted by Christin on May 5, 2015

With Mailbird 2.0 we launched our new Todoist integration. With it still being at the early stages of the integration, you are able to work on your Todoist To-Do list right from within your Mailbird, side by side with your Email. Together with the great support of the Todoist Team, we will be working on a deeper integration to add more awesome features, such as Drag&Drop, soon. Get Organized Simply activate the Todoist App in your Mailbird AppStore. The Todoist icon will then appear in your left menu panel and in your Mailbird sidebar (top right corner).   Once you have created your Todoist account, you can easily set tasks and create your To-Do List the way for you to be most productive. Set tasks can also be easily edited.   Organizing like a Pro There are some great additional options and features for all Premium Todoist users. “Add Task via Email” is one of them. This feature enables you to send and even create tasks via Email and added to your To-Do List without even accessing Todoist. Click on the little round gear icon at the top-right corner of a project, and you’ll see a unique Email address for that project.   You can now use this Email address to send a task to your project. The subject of the Email will become the task name and the Email content will be notes for the task.   You can also create a task by sending an Email to the chosen…

Mailbird welcomes Veeting Rooms

Posted by Christin on April 27, 2015

One very exciting integration that came with Mailbird 2.0 is Veeting Rooms! Veeting Rooms is a virtual meeting environment that enables you to have a professional (virtual) business meeting right from within Mailbird. And of course, just like a “real-life” business meeting, no unauthorised person will be able to listen to your important business topics. All audio and video communication is end-to-end encrypted between the Veeting participants. Special Promotion for Mailbird users In order to celebrate our great partnership, Veeting Rooms is giving a free 180 Day Trial to all Mailbird users! Yes, that means you get access to all the awesome Features for 180 Days for FREE. Activate the Veeting Rooms App in your Mailbird Appstore and register for Veeting Rooms from within your Mailbird App. Simply click the little “V” icon in the left menu panel and go to “Create Account” here: (Secret hint: there may be a very good chance to get another 180 Days for Free once the Trial is over. Just simply send an Email to the Veeting Rooms team and kindly ask them to extend the Trial…) Getting Started You can find Veeting Rooms in the Mailbird App Store and activate it with one single click. Veeting Rooms will then appear as an icon in the menu panel on the left. You can also simply access it from the Mailbird sidebar on the right. Schedule your meeting right from within Mailbird You can easily schedule your next Veeting Room meeting, by either using Veeting Rooms…

Meebox meets Mailbird

Posted by Christin on April 21, 2015

We are very happy and thankful that Meebox has welcomed Mailbird to its family and integrated it to provide their customers easy access to a simpler and more beautiful way of dealing with their daily Email. Meebox is one of the best web hosting services in Denmark and offers various services such as Web Hosting, Professional Hosting, Domain, Cloud Server and for Reseller. Once you have moved or created your own domain to Meebox, you can now easily add your account(s) in Mailbird. How it works 1. If you already have Mailbird on your PC, simply go to your Mailbird Menu in the left top corner and click Options. Go to “Accounts” and select “Add”.   You don’t have Mailbird installed yet? No worries, just go to our website and download your Mailbird here. 2. Fill in the Information on your name, Email and Password. Mailbird will then find all the settings needed to set up your account for you. In some cases Mailbird will ask you to put in more information on the Email account, when the initial Authentication failed.   P.S. To celebrate this great integration, Meebox gives all their users 20% off Mailbird Pro. More information on that here.  

Mailbird loves

Posted by Christin on April 7, 2015 was one of the first deep integrations that came with the launch of Mailbird 2.0. Thanks to this awesome partnership and the great support of the team you can turn your Email into a real To-Do list that you can organize, prioritize and schedule right alongside all your projects and tasks.   Getting organized can be that simple 1. Simply activate the App in your Mailbird App Store. It will then appear in the menu panel on the left of the Mailbird window.     You will also be able to access it from your Mailbird sidebar and have your To-Do list open right next to your Inbox.     2. Sign up for using your Gmail account. uses your Google Drive to store and synchronize your data. has only access to the folder created by No other folders can be accessed and your data will not be sent to any other server.     3. Once you have signed in, will take you through the first steps to get started. You will also have the option to import data from your other To-Do list Apps and keep working on these within     4. After setting up your To-Do lists and agendas, you can simply drag and drop Emails related to your set tasks in to your list. When clicking the Email in your list it will open the Email in Mailbird. The Email dragged in to your…

The Power of in Mailbird 2.0

Posted by Christin on April 1, 2015

  Another great partnership that came with Mailbird 2.0 is Thanks to the great support of the team, we were able to implement the awesome App, that will transform your Inbox into an organizer! It lets you schedule automatic reminders so you will never forget an important email or task. Simply activate in your Mailbird App Store. It will then appear in the left menu panel.   Getting Started 1. Click on the icon and sign in with your email or gmail account.   2. After signing in you are all set up to schedule your first reminder. You will have a little calendar icon displayed on the bottom of every compose/reply/forward Window. Click the icon to set the date you want to be reminded.   4. will automatically appear in the BCC field of your message. The email address will differ, depending on the date you picked.   5. After sending, you will receive a confirmation mail, listing the details of your reminder. You can easily disable them if you prefer not to get one.   6. The email reminder will appear as a regular email in your Inbox, giving you different options on what action you would like to do next. Reminder can be snoozed, rescheduled or simply be deleted or archived.  Advanced Tips If you have signed up for one of subscription-plans, you can simply manage your reminder, by going to the icon on the left. The reminder will be listed in your…

Mailbird takes your privacy very seriously

Posted by Christin on March 19, 2015

UPDATED: All points mentioned below have been addressed and every user is given the option to opt out of Mailbird’s usage reporting. Mailbird also no longer sends name and email address to the License Management System.   Please note, that any data collected by us has never and never will be used for any commercial purpose, outside of using it to improve Mailbird.   With the rising security and privacy concerns worldwide we thought it would be a good idea for us to share with our users what are we doing about it at Mailbird. We have summarised everything in the form of FAQs which will help you understand how and why things work the way it is.   1. Is my data being encrypted? The data sent from Mailbird to our license server and vice versa is done over a secure HTTPS connection. ‘HTTPS’ is one of the most secure communication channel widely used over the internet by various organizations specially finanical institutions like banks. If you have ever seen a website address like this it is using a secure https connection. This is done to protect your data from eavesdropping or snooping from unauthorized entities.     2. Can the Mailbird team read my mails? We guarantee you that Mailbird can not ever read any of your emails, nor see your attachments, account passwords or anything else. Mailbird works as a local client on your computer, and all sensitive data, such as emails, folders, contacts, attachments, account details etc. is…

Mailbird 2.0 is More Than an Email Client

Posted by Christin on March 12, 2015

Are you ready for this? Mailbird has been flying this last year and the team has put every waking hour into making email stress and mismanagement a thing of the past. How did we come to this? Well, it is many thanks to those who gave Mailbird their vote of confidence. Thanks to those of you who held nothing back in telling us how you really feel so that we could take your suggestions into consideration and transform Mailbird into an even stronger productivity tool. It’s more than an email client, it’s an all-in-one communication hub. Mailbird 2.0 allows you to connect all your favorite email accounts with great apps you can choose for messaging like Facebook and WhatsApp, task management like Todoist, Evernote, Asana and, calendars like Google Calendar and Sunrise Calendar, and video meetings like Veeting Rooms and a whole lot more. Try the Pro version of Mailbird 2.0 free for 30 days. It’s freaking awesome!   The Mailbird 2.0 Goods 1) Polished Check out the design difference between the old Mailbird 1.0 and new Mailbird 2.0 below.       2) The Help Button It can take some time to learn new software and be comfortable with it, so we thought it’d be super helpful to add a nice “?” help icon to the top right of the main window allowing you quick access without navigating to the support page on our website for assistance. You can easily search for answers to your questions or hit the “Submit Request” button at…