500+ Million More…Mailbird Launches IMAP Support

Finally, it’s out. Mailbird’s latest leap has just gone live as of Tuesday October 22, 2013 with full IMAP support.

Window’s fastest, easiest, and most productive email client just invited some new players to the Mailbird party like Outlook.com, Yahoo.com, iCloud, and much more. Many thanks for your patience and we are happy to announce that Mailbird is now open to you among millions of others globally, and no longer limited to Gmail or Google Apps account holders alone.


“Thanks for building such an awesome mail client! It’s increased my average response time by a very substantial amount!” – Tim Webber


So, what does the new IMAP functionality mean for you?

  1. If you used an IMAP supported email provider, it means that can now save at least an hour or more every week that you usually spend in your inbox. An extra hour a week to create something awesome, catch up on reading, hang with your friends, plan your next globetrotting adventure…or perhaps just catch some much needed Zzz.
  2. It means that the time you spend in your inbox is now less stressful than ever. No one likes waiting for a loading circle, even if it’s a fast one. And sifting through a messy and jumbled page with ads thrown in to find and reply to your emails is no fun at all. Mailbird removes all of these, so your inbox becomes a bit more zen.
  3. It means you get to be one of the first people in the world to experience our unique upcoming features. Wingman, Frequent Flyers, and our productivity boosting Birdhouse apps (including full Evernote integration, improved calendars, email list management apps, and more) will significantly boost your productivity.
  4. It means you get to use Mailbird for Free, forever! Mailbird Lite is forever free, and forever being improved. You’ll save hundreds of hours of your lifetime just by using it. You can also pre-order Mailbird Pro (which gives you 25% off for life), and save yourself thousands of hours for the 3-lattes-a-year price of $9/year.


“Super cool! Very intuitive – no learning curve! Pictures add intimacy and warmth that you don’t have with other email apps out there.” – Elitsa Dermendzhiyska


So how do you set up your Mailbird account with IMAP? First, download Mailbird Lite.

Now that you’ve got Mailbird, setting up IMAP takes less than 3 minutes. Here’s a quick video on how to set up IMAP Support in Mailbird.


“You did a great job making this awesome client, which is for now my personal #1 on Windows.” – Yulia Bakieva, Mailbird Beta Tester


So whats next? You’ve already guessed it haven’t you?

Mailbird’s next big upcoming feature is Multi-Account, which will come out in about a month.

We’re hardly just developing one feature at a time. Keep your eyes out for multi-language spell-checker, smart tips in the app to help you manage email faster (this will be mega helpful for those of you who are unaware of the many efficiency features in Mailbird), and the super exciting user-developed open-sourced Birdhouse Apps. Cool beans.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Mailbird now that IMAP support is ready for testing in the beta. We look forward to connecting with you guys!

  • selamat & sukses team…!! 😀

  • Mark D

    Great! I really not a gmail fan.

  • Lars

    so all that’s left before I (and anyone else) seriously could finally start using this client (best looking one out there) is local folder support (the reason to use a desktop client is not to have just cloud accounts as well but to have a local folder to move all your mails from gmail to) and real google contacts and calendar integration.

    • tropicaltech

      Thanks for all the suggestions Lars 😀 I hear ya and we are working on it. Don’t forget to vote for feature requests through our support page on our website too. It is great to see what our users really need in their email experience with Mailbird. It’s getting better with every beta release! Cannot wait for multi-account to launch. 1 month!

  • barth

    Could you invite gmx.de and web.de to the Mailbird party , adding support for these email providers, Thanks !

  • Jake

    Would be nice to have support for my eq.edu.au email even though its a POP3

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  • Thomas Eaves

    My computer dide, how can i get my mail bird back, mail Bird pro

  • JamesBanfield1

    where is the button for set up of Mailbird to my email sitin n he