The 30 Email Client Commandments

Posted by Jason Ephraim on April 1, 2016

An Email client can be an amazingly powerful tool. But, like most tools, there is a right way and a wrong way to use it when managing your email.

That’s why we brought the most important of these email rules together into a handy little guide:

The 30 Email Commandments:

1. Thou Shalt Read Every Message In A Thread Before Replying

2. Thou Shalt Never Forward Chain Mail

3. Thou Shalt Always Review Emails Before Sending Them

4. Remove Or Shorten Thy Email Signature For Replies

5. Thou Shalt Only Use Reply-All Where Appropriate

6. Never Shall Thou Forget To Add Attachments

7. Never Shall Thou Addist The Wrong Attachments

8. Thou Shalt Not Reply To The Wrong Person

9. Thou Shalt Never Mix Up BCC’d And CC’d Recipients

10. Always Includist A Basic Greeting

11. Thou Shalt Never Email When Angry or Drunk


13. Thou Shalt Not Be Overly-Formal

14. Thou Shalt Not Be Too Casual

15. Thou Shalt Not Send Canned Responses Without Replacing Thine Dynamic Fields

16. Thou Shalt Always Check Thine Spelling

17. Thou Shalt Try To Be Brief

18. Match Thine Recipient’s Tone

19. Thou Shalt Not Break Up With Someone With An Email

20. Thou Shalt Use Emoticons Sparingly 😉

21. Be Friendly And Avoid Opening With “To Whom It May Concern”

22. Thou Shalt Use A Short, Simple Email Signature

23. Thou Shalt Double-Check Emails Before Sending

24. Thou Shalt Not Spend Too Much Time Managing Thine Email

25. Thou Shalt Use CC To Keep People In The Loop

26. Thou Shalt Let Recipients Know When No Reply Is Necessary

27. Be Specific With Thine Email Subject Line

28. Thou Shalt Always Use Inline Reply

29. Always Assume Thine Email Conversations Are Not Private

30. Always Include An Alternate Contact Method In Thine Vacation Auto Responders

Jason Ephraim

Former Vice President of Growth at Mailbird

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