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Voted Best Free Email Client for Windows by PCWorld. Find out why.

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Mailbird won "Best
Productivity App" award.

PC World voted Mailbird Best Free Email Client for Windows.

IT World named Mailbird best email client for Windows + Gmail.

Multi Account support for Gmail, Yahoo,, iCloud, and any other IMAP email provider! One place to get all your email done.

What Our Users Say

Loic Brian Urso Akshay Rao Tech Crunch Ellie Christian Lang yulia PC World Michael Lyncheski Michael Larsson

One thing about Mailbird? Beautiful, light and ease of use. Great mail productivity hub.


Mailbird not only exceeds my expectations as a personal desktop email client, but with its speed, flexibility and reliability has become a must-have business tool! Over the last 10 months, I have witnessed Mailbird find its wings and take flight! That in and of itself has been an extraordinary experience. I can only begin to imagine the directions Mailbird will go, and am more than happy to be along for the ride!


Brian Urso

Fantastic job with the software! Easily the best client I’ve used.

Akshay Rao

Mailbird is making email a platform, not just an application.


Clean look: Not like – love, love, love! Quick reply: Like the fact that your reply appears above the previous email (unlike in Gmail), Compactness: It’s great that you don’t have distracting buttons and objects everywhere but can still access them easily when you need them. Example: In the default view, you only see the message without the clutter of additional lines showing sender, recipient, subject, etc. Yet you can still see those if you press Show details. Super cool! Very intuitive – no learning curve! Pictures add intimacy and warmth that you don’t have with other email apps out there.

Elitsa Dermendzhiyska

I love the interface. I honestly can’t think of any suggestions at this point for it. It’s clean and exactly my style. I love the apps available, and the potential for future apps.

Chris Guidi

Finally a promising Windows mail client.

Christian Lang

You did a great job making this awesome client, which is for now my personal #1 on Windows.

Yulia Bakieva

Windows users pining for a mail client similar to Sparrow for OS X have had their wishes granted courtesy of Mailbird, a new email client for the Windows desktop.

PC World

Mailbird is a big help.  I am able to quickly go through my stack of e-mails each day much faster than I can with Outlook.

Michael Lyncheski

Mailbird is really something that has been desired for a long time (believe me, I have tried many mail apps before), but this one is spot on in so many ways!

Michael Larsson

Thanks for building such an awesome mail client! It’s increased my average response time by a very substantial amount!

Tim Webber

Wingman (in development)

Wingman is your personal productivity coach.

It tracks your emailing speed and reports it back to you, gives you personalized advice to increase your productivity based on how you manage email, reminds you to stay in touch with important people you haven’t talked to in a while, sorts your email to put the most important stuff on the top, and lets you “snooze” an email to remove it from your inbox and bring it back later.


Open Sourced Apps

Open sourced apps to do everything from read your blogs to access your social networks to manage your cloud to plan your day.

If you want any kind of app, you can probably find it in the app store. Or, if it’s not there yet, make it yourself (and get paid for how many people use it!).


Always Hatching Improvements

The Mailbird team is improving and updating Mailbird daily. And you’re a part of that!

The feedback app lets you send suggestions & ideas to the team, and vote on the best ones so that the team implements them first.

Help build Mailbird into the email app you want.


Simple and Intuitive

Mailbird is shockingly user friendly. There is virtually no learning curve, just click around and you’ll “get it”.

Quickly add your favorite apps to customize Mailbird, or just use it as-is. Either way, your email productivity will get an immediate boost.

And you can always dive in & learn all the tips & tricks.



The Mailbird team knows how important your privacy is. You don’t want to have your personal and sensitive emails read by someone else.

Mailbird never scans the content of your emails, and we never store any of your data on our servers. What’s in your inbox is for your eyes only.


Clean & Uncluttered Interface

Minimized, polished, and built for simplicity & beauty.

The Mailbird interface keeps your inbox looking zen, eliminates email clutter with beautiful organization capabilities, and makes managing your email a breeze.


Supersonic Speeds

There has never been a mail program this optimized for speed. The Mailbird team sweats out every millisecond, and mercilessly cuts out every unnecessary step.

They’ve managed to create the fastest email app ever, both in terms of processing speed and workflow speed.

Quick compose & response to cut down on emailing time, inline action bar to organize everything in a flash, seamless offline access to manage your email from anywhere. And that’s just scratching the surface.

(How to install | How to uninstall | End User License Agreement)